Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday UK  ……. we’re sure you have all seen the push in the last few years for the public to invest in their High Street and buy locally. There are far more benefits supporting an independent business rather than a big conglomerate. But why is this a good thing, why should people put their hard earned money into these small businesses?

We hope that everyone who comes to see us in Cardiff will see the quality of the products our exhibitors have to offer. Over the 6 weeks of the Cardiff Christmas Market our 77 stalls will see a turn over of 190 exhibitors, who are predominately small Welsh businesses.

So, what is the benefit of purchasing from our exhibitors?
– Helping the local economy
– Unique gifts with a thoughtful personal touch
– Unparalleled customer service
– Quality and attention to detail
– You can source the product directly back to the maker

Craftspeople and artisans put a bit of their soul into each thing they create and we think that is a priceless thing that can never be replicated by factories or assembly lines.

Go on, buy local!