The dates for the 2020 Cardiff Christmas Market are:
Thursday 12 November to Wednesday 23 December

Please see our 2020 exhibitor list below.

If you are planning to visit a specific exhibitor please check their trading dates first, as not everyone is with us for the duration of the market.  We have also added the area where their stall is located – please see our map of the market found on the Find Us page.

Exhibitors 2020
Name Trading As A brief description of the craft Trading Dates Area
Naila Amjad NylahMAK Textiles, risograph prints, wall art and screen printed cards 13 to 21 Dec A
 Julie Bailey Cloverzone  Handmade pewter accessories; brooches, lapel pins, key rings and scarf rings 13 to 23 Dec E
Phil Baker ReflectiveImages Black and white prints of bygone towns and villages in Wales 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
 Tracey Baker Tracey Baker Ceramics  A wide selection of hand made ceramics for the home 13 to 23 Dec D
Ruth Angharad Banks Angharad Banks A wide range of textiles for the home, including cushions, table runners, place mats, aprons and tea cosies. 29 Nov to 23 Dec C
Alice Barfield Field Bar Wine Fruit wines, flavoured rum and gins 12 Nov to 23 Dec C
James Barker Ye Green Men Fused glass, decorations, jewellery and household items 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
Daniel Bartlett William Sayers Crafts Wooden Christmas boxes, pyrography illustrated decorations, spoons and chopping boards 22 to 28 Nov D
Jennie Barton Glassworks Design Fused and stained glass. Leather bags and belts. 22 Nov to 5 Dec C
Sarah Bevan Bespoke Pet Portraits by Sarah Original watercolours, pet portraits, cards, coasters, trinket boxes, key-rings and magnets all decorated with her own artwork 12 to 16 Nov & 6 to 12 Dec C
Gaby Blake Preloved by Gaby Handmade polymer clay jewellery 13 to 21 Dec C
Noa and Geffen Blok NOA Jewellery Jewellery made with ceramics, wood, silver, aluminium, brass and stainless steel 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
Michaela Bloomfield Bloomfield Handmade for Dogs Handmade dog collars, leads, beds, harnesses, coats, bags and dog collar accessories 17 to 21 Nov C
 Claire Bowen Claire's Hand-painted Glass  Hand-painted glasses, vases, tealights and photo frames  22 Nov to 21 Dec C
John Bullock Jormae Pourri Dried fruit
decorations, wreaths, oils and candles
12 Nov to 21 Dec A
Sarah Bunton Sarah Bunton
chocolates and luxury fudge
29 Nov to 23 Dec D
 Emily Burnett Emily Burnett Art   Original artwork, prints, cards, and artwork on cushions, mugs, lampshades and bags 13 to 21 Dec C
Caws Cenarth Caws Cenarth Cheese A wide selection of their own hand made cheese 12 Nov to 23 Dec E
 Jan Chalupsky Light from the Bees Handmade beeswax candles of all different shapes and sizes 13 to 21 Dec C
Philippa Chilcott Uberpuss Artwork, prints, cards and postcards 29 Nov to 5 Dec C
Mike Cole Tangled Web Silver, copper and
enamelled jewellery and unique ironwork
12 Nov to 23 Dec E
 Sophie Collins Hestia Scents  Melts and candles 6 to 12 Dec C
Amanda Creedon Ooh La La Patisserie French macarons 29 Nov to 5 Dec E
Cheryl Cunliffe Chapel View Crafts Polymer clay jewellery, planner charms, sewing accessories and Christmas gifts 12 to 16 Nov C
Erica Curtis Cushions Galore and more Textiles including cushions, aprons, peg bags, reversible and drawstring bags 29 Nov to 5 Dec C
Mark Daniel Cambrian Design Woollen blankets, scarves, fabrics and accessories 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
Margaret Daniels AR & ML Daniels Vintage Welsh blankets and tapestries made into cushions, baby blankets and vintage tea ware 12 to 21 November & 13 to 23 Dec B then E
Justyna Dauer Chocolate Paradise Chocolate greetings cards 12 to 21 Nov A
 Karen Davies Purple Shoots    A rolling programme of artists and crafts people  12 to 28 Nov A
David Davies Nutty But Nice Hot roasted nuts 12 Nov to 23 Dec C
 Sophia & Mark Davies Wooden Tops Furniture   Decoupage wooden and slate signs, coasters, hearts and placemats  17 to 28 Nov C
Sian Davies Sian Davies Handmade ceramics and small textiles with ceramic elements 12 Nov to 23 Dec E
Sylvia Davies etoeto Accessories: bags, pouches, purses and wallets made from upcycled materials including bicycle inner tubes, abandoned tents and broken umbrellas. 12 to 16 Nov & 6 to 12 Dec C
Gwen Davies Canhwyllau Canna Candles Candles, wax melts and diffusers  22 to 28 Nov & 13 to 23 Dec C & E
 Jane Evans Jane Beebe Glass Quirky glass and wire Christmas decorations and mirrors  22 Nov to 23 Dec B
Lee & Julie Ford Clash Art Urban art, primarily spray painted art on canvas, skateboard decs and surf equipment 6 to 21 Dec C
Lee & Julie Ford By Olive Screen printed bags 29 Nov to 5 Dec D
Javier de Francesco Il Giardino D'Indiprete Handmade products for the home and garden including metalwork 12 Nov to 21 Dec A
Rhi Frankton Rhi Jewellery Handmade sterling silver jewellery, aluminium wire jewellery and Christmas tree decorations 29 Nov to 5 Dec C
Meghan Gane Sey Cosmetics Cosmetics, skin care and perfume 12 to 16 Nov & 6 to 21 Dec C
Annette Gardener Kittiwake Enamels Cloisonne enamel jewellery, boxes and small pictures set in Welsh slate 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
Gareth Giddings Celtic Seren Pewter work: lovespoons, clocks and figurines and lots more 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
James Gregg Jesse Alexander Handmade jewellery using resin and flowers. 12 Nov to 21 Dec C
Faye Griffiths Ether Silver Home Wooden turned items. Recycled wax jacket pouch bags 17 to 21 Nov & 6 to 12 Dec C
Richard Hainsworth Draigenwaith Pottery Studio Ceramics - thrown and sculptural 12 to 16 Nov & 6 to 21 Dec C
Sara Harris Roaringly Precious Designed and hand made clothing 12 to 21 Nov C
 David Harrison Piiixels   Giclee prints of local scenes in railway poster style. Cards and pet portraits  22 to 28 Nov C
Anna Hewitt Wild Shack Bird boxes, tables, feeders and hedgehog houses 29 Nov to 23 Dec D
Julia Heycock Juals Candles Scented candles, wax melts, diffusers and cards 12 to 17 Nov C
Emma Iles Seaforth Designs Cushions and tableware 12 to 28 Nov C
Larisa Ion Projects from Yarn Knitted or crocheted scarves, mittens. hairbands, hats, toys and Christmas decorations 17 to 21 Nov C
Michele Ismay The Glass Lady Fused glass scenes, pictures, dishes, bowls, sun catchers some mounted on wood 12 to 21 Nov C
 David Jenkins David Jenkins A wood turner with a wide variety of hand made work  12 Nov to 23 Dec D
Katherine Jones Katherine Jones Object Art The curation of found and collected objects with some artwork 6 to 12 Dec E
 Neil Jones Bees Delight   Natural products - moisturising cream, lip balm, lotion bars, tattoo revival balm, pet paw balm  12 Nov to 23 Dec D
Emily Jones Pretty Little Props by Emily Ltd Hand made scrunchies, headbands, face masks and winter warmers 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
Sandra Kepowska Landscape Photography Landscape photography, pictures, canvases, calendars 29 Nov to 5 Dec C
Ceri Lambert The Crafty Badgers Button and badge collages, artwork and cards 12 to 21 Nov D
Kate Lewis Kate Lewis
Jewellery Design
Contemporary silver and gold jewellery inspired by the Welsh coast 6 to 12 Dec D
Mark Lewis Mark Lewis
Mounted landscapes and wildlife photographic prints 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
 Graeme Long Mouse and Moon   Handmade bottle lights wrapped in a wide selection of images  29 Nov to  21 Dec  C
Charlotte Manser Charlotte Manser Ceramics A wide range of ceramics for the home 6 to 12 Dec A
Bryan Mapstone Llanmead Crafts Wooden fretwork in Welsh: hearts, words, wedding gifts, lovespoons and more 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
 Simon Matthews The Melted Cheese Company  Raclette cheese with new potatoes, baguettes, garlic bread and cheese nachos  12 Nov to 23 Dec C
Julia Millington Welsh Coast Pebble Craft Pebble art incorporating driftwood 12 Nov to 23 Dec E
Sally Mitchell Sockadoo Sock animals, fabric toys, gingerbread decorations and reading cushions 12 Nov to 12 Dec E
Isabelle Moore Izz it Clay? Polymer clay jewellery, trinket boxes, tea lights, coasters, incense holders 17 to 21 Nov C
Beth Morgan-Jones Ewemoo  All things animal from foot rests to bunting and much much more 12 Nov to 12 Dec E
Paul Morgan Uneek Workshop Original wooden products; bowls, vases, candle sticks, picture frames, signs and wooden hearts 12 Nov to 23 Dec B
Diane Morris Christmas Time Knitted, sewn and beaded Christmas decorations, novelties and gifts 12 to 28 Nov D
Sally-Anne Nelson Condessa Welsh
A wide selection of liqueurs, poteen and aged Celtic whiskey 14 Nov to 21 Dec A
 Filip Orzechowska  Rue de la Cocotte  Boeuf bourguignon, coq au vin, tartiflette, onion soup and mince tarts  12 to 28 Nov C
Ahmet Ozturk Ambient Lighting Mosaic lamps and tea light holders 29 Nov to 21 Dec A
Annie Pariyar Jalimali Events Hats, bags, scarves, clothing and knitwear all made by hand by their co-operative in Nepal 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
 Lesley Peate Lesley Jane Jewellery  Enamel, copper and silver jewellery 17 to 21 Nov & 6 to 12 Dec C
Alison Pentith Penty's Cakes Christmas cakes, fruit cakes, cookies and cupcakes 12 to 16 November C
Sarah Perkins Calon Lan Cakes  DIY Welsh cake kits 29 Nov to 12 Dec C
Sara Phillips Seascape Curiosities Hand painted artwork on bags, purses, scarves, lampshades and artwork 17 to 21 Nov C
Cai Priestley Cai Priestley Photograpy Photographic prints, calendars and canvasses 29 Nov to 5 Dec A
Lee Pullin Shaky McShakeface Fresh belgian wafflepops and hot chocolate 12 Nov to 21 Dec A
Tamlyn Rabey Tamlyn Ceramics Ceramic Pendants, earrings, coasters and Christmas decorations 22 Nov to 21 Dec C
Heidi Radbone Liquorice Felted soap, brooches, bags, glasses/phone cases. Framed felted dolls and ewes. 22 Nov to 23 Dec D
Kate Rawsthorne Kiki Weaves Woven wall hangings 13 to 21 Dec C
Anna Robinson Bold Dino Hand painted recycled jeans, jackets. Hand drawn prints and hand drawn embroidered t shirts 12 to 16 Nov C
 James Rogers/Clare Padfield Gray Glass   Handmade fused glass panels, curved glass, Christmas decorations and some pendants 22 Nov to 21 Dec C
Jessica Rothwell Tigerclub Prints Nursery and children's prints and cards 29 Nov to 5 Dec C
Hannah Sandford Hannah's Cupcakes, cookies, brownies, vegan bakes and old school cakes 22 Nov to 5 Dec C
Charlie Sapal Samosa & Sauce Ltd Curry sauces, chutneys, pickles, naan breads and samosas 12 Nov to 23 Dec B
Severn Cider Severn Cider Ciders, Perry, mulled cider and chilli apple jelly 12 Nov to 23 Dec C
Greg Shearman Chock Shop Mouth watering chocolate brownies smothered in hot chocolate sauce 12 Nov to 23 Dec C
Karen Shellam Hot Welshcakes by Mum and Me Delicious hot welshcakes and Welsh buttered Bara Brith 12 to 28 Nov D
Neal Shipp Celtic Country
Fruit wines and liqueurs and gift hampers.  Mulled wine by the glass - it is delicious! 12 Nov to 23 Dec B
Joanna Skubik Dough Nutterie A variety of gourmet doughnuts 12 to 16 Nov C
Tina Smith Beads on the Beach Fused glass bird pictures, cards, crocheted necklaces, polymer clay jewellery 6 to 21 Dec A
Ty Hafan Ty Hafan To bring an awareness of their charity 12 to 13 Nov, 16 to 20 Nov & 22 to 28 Nov C
Amanda Treverrow Wire Art and
Jewellery Delights
Wire and hand forged art for the home and jewellery 12 to 28 Nov E
 Rachel Trott Rachel Hannah Art   Original artwork, prints, cards 12 to 21 Nov  C
Madeleine Vale Vale Studio Ceramic pet portraits 22 to 28 Nov A
 Yanina Wall Bluebell Peak Designs   Wooden fret work, lamps, mats, coasters and jewellery using the wooden off cuts  22 Nov to 21 Dec C
Jessica Ware Sherbet Chic Luxury hand sanitisers 12 to 21 Nov D
Vivienne Wigmore Kalso-design Handmade jewellery and accessories 12 to 21 Nov D
Alex Wilde Wilde Posies Dried floral bouquets, wreaths, drive floral products 13 to 21 Dec C
Jeremy Williams Herbs on the Hill A wide range of soaps, incense, massage oils and creams 12 Nov to 23 Dec B
Joy and Adrian Wilson Coinwear Old British and foreign coins made in a variety of gifts including cuff links, pendants and earrings. 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
David and Lucy
Gift of Glass Handcrafted ornamental glassware. wall art and glass jewellery. With daily demonstrations 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
Woodland Trust Woodland Trust Charity information and membership 29 Nov to 5 Dec A
Working4Wildlife Working4Wildlife Charity information and membership 22 Nov to 23 Dec D
An Young  Castell Apothecary Candles, reed diffusers and hand made scented fire starters. A selection of bath gift sets. 17 to 12 Dec & 13 to 23 Dec C  & E
Katie Young Meltz  Wax melts, bars, carpet and cash fresheners  17 to 21 Nov C