The dates for the 2021 Cardiff Christmas Market are:
Thursday 11 November to Thursday 23 December

Our 2020 exhibitor list below but this will be deleted shortly.

Exhibitors 2020
Name Trading As A brief description of the craft Trading Dates Area
Naila Amjad NylahMAK Textiles, risograph prints, wall art and screen printed cards 13 to 21 Dec A
 Julie Bailey Cloverzone  Handmade pewter accessories; brooches, lapel pins, key rings and scarf rings 13 to 23 Dec E
Phil Baker ReflectiveImages Black and white prints of bygone towns and villages in Wales 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
 Tracey Baker Tracey Baker Ceramics  A wide selection of hand made ceramics for the home 13 to 23 Dec D
Ruth Angharad Banks Angharad Banks A wide range of textiles for the home, including cushions, table runners, place mats, aprons and tea cosies. 29 Nov to 23 Dec C
Alice Barfield Field Bar Wine Fruit wines, flavoured rum and gins 12 Nov to 23 Dec C
James Barker Ye Green Men Fused glass, decorations, jewellery and household items 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
Daniel Bartlett William Sayers Crafts Wooden Christmas boxes, pyrography illustrated decorations, spoons and chopping boards 22 to 28 Nov D
Jennie Barton Glassworks Design Fused and stained glass. Leather bags and belts. 22 Nov to 5 Dec C
Sarah Bevan Bespoke Pet Portraits by Sarah Original watercolours, pet portraits, cards, coasters, trinket boxes, key-rings and magnets all decorated with her own artwork 12 to 16 Nov & 6 to 12 Dec C
Gaby Blake Preloved by Gaby Handmade polymer clay jewellery 13 to 21 Dec C
Noa and Geffen Blok NOA Jewellery Jewellery made with ceramics, wood, silver, aluminium, brass and stainless steel 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
Michaela Bloomfield Bloomfield Handmade for Dogs Handmade dog collars, leads, beds, harnesses, coats, bags and dog collar accessories 17 to 21 Nov C
 Claire Bowen Claire's Hand-painted Glass  Hand-painted glasses, vases, tealights and photo frames  22 Nov to 21 Dec C
John Bullock Jormae Pourri Dried fruit
decorations, wreaths, oils and candles
12 Nov to 21 Dec A
Sarah Bunton Sarah Bunton
chocolates and luxury fudge
29 Nov to 23 Dec D
 Emily Burnett Emily Burnett Art   Original artwork, prints, cards, and artwork on cushions, mugs, lampshades and bags 13 to 21 Dec C
Caws Cenarth Caws Cenarth Cheese A wide selection of their own hand made cheese 12 Nov to 23 Dec E
 Jan Chalupsky Light from the Bees Handmade beeswax candles of all different shapes and sizes 13 to 21 Dec C
Philippa Chilcott Uberpuss Artwork, prints, cards and postcards 29 Nov to 5 Dec C
Mike Cole Tangled Web Silver, copper and
enamelled jewellery and unique ironwork
12 Nov to 23 Dec E
 Sophie Collins Hestia Scents  Melts and candles 6 to 12 Dec C
Amanda Creedon Ooh La La Patisserie French macarons 29 Nov to 5 Dec E
Cheryl Cunliffe Chapel View Crafts Polymer clay jewellery, planner charms, sewing accessories and Christmas gifts 12 to 16 Nov C
Erica Curtis Cushions Galore and more Textiles including cushions, aprons, peg bags, reversible and drawstring bags 29 Nov to 5 Dec C
Mark Daniel Cambrian Design Woollen blankets, scarves, fabrics and accessories 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
Margaret Daniels AR & ML Daniels Vintage Welsh blankets and tapestries made into cushions, baby blankets and vintage tea ware 12 to 21 November & 13 to 23 Dec B then E
Justyna Dauer Chocolate Paradise Chocolate greetings cards 12 to 21 Nov A
 Karen Davies Purple Shoots    A rolling programme of artists and crafts people  12 to 28 Nov A
David Davies Nutty But Nice Hot roasted nuts 12 Nov to 23 Dec C
 Sophia & Mark Davies Wooden Tops Furniture   Decoupage wooden and slate signs, coasters, hearts and placemats  17 to 28 Nov C
Sian Davies Sian Davies Handmade ceramics and small textiles with ceramic elements 12 Nov to 23 Dec E
Sylvia Davies etoeto Accessories: bags, pouches, purses and wallets made from upcycled materials including bicycle inner tubes, abandoned tents and broken umbrellas. 12 to 16 Nov & 6 to 12 Dec C
Gwen Davies Canhwyllau Canna Candles Candles, wax melts and diffusers  22 to 28 Nov & 13 to 23 Dec C & E
 Jane Evans Jane Beebe Glass Quirky glass and wire Christmas decorations and mirrors  22 Nov to 23 Dec B
Lee & Julie Ford Clash Art Urban art, primarily spray painted art on canvas, skateboard decs and surf equipment 6 to 21 Dec C
Lee & Julie Ford By Olive Screen printed bags 29 Nov to 5 Dec D
Javier de Francesco Il Giardino D'Indiprete Handmade products for the home and garden including metalwork 12 Nov to 21 Dec A
Rhi Frankton Rhi Jewellery Handmade sterling silver jewellery, aluminium wire jewellery and Christmas tree decorations 29 Nov to 5 Dec C
Meghan Gane Sey Cosmetics Cosmetics, skin care and perfume 12 to 16 Nov & 6 to 21 Dec C
Annette Gardener Kittiwake Enamels Cloisonne enamel jewellery, boxes and small pictures set in Welsh slate 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
Gareth Giddings Celtic Seren Pewter work: lovespoons, clocks and figurines and lots more 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
James Gregg Jesse Alexander Handmade jewellery using resin and flowers. 12 Nov to 21 Dec C
Faye Griffiths Ether Silver Home Wooden turned items. Recycled wax jacket pouch bags 17 to 21 Nov & 6 to 12 Dec C
Richard Hainsworth Draigenwaith Pottery Studio Ceramics - thrown and sculptural 12 to 16 Nov & 6 to 21 Dec C
Sara Harris Roaringly Precious Designed and hand made clothing 12 to 21 Nov C
 David Harrison Piiixels   Giclee prints of local scenes in railway poster style. Cards and pet portraits  22 to 28 Nov C
Anna Hewitt Wild Shack Bird boxes, tables, feeders and hedgehog houses 29 Nov to 23 Dec D
Julia Heycock Juals Candles Scented candles, wax melts, diffusers and cards 12 to 17 Nov C
Emma Iles Seaforth Designs Cushions and tableware 12 to 28 Nov C
Larisa Ion Projects from Yarn Knitted or crocheted scarves, mittens. hairbands, hats, toys and Christmas decorations 17 to 21 Nov C
Michele Ismay The Glass Lady Fused glass scenes, pictures, dishes, bowls, sun catchers some mounted on wood 12 to 21 Nov C
 David Jenkins David Jenkins A wood turner with a wide variety of hand made work  12 Nov to 23 Dec D
Katherine Jones Katherine Jones Object Art The curation of found and collected objects with some artwork 6 to 12 Dec E
 Neil Jones Bees Delight   Natural products - moisturising cream, lip balm, lotion bars, tattoo revival balm, pet paw balm  12 Nov to 23 Dec D
Emily Jones Pretty Little Props by Emily Ltd Hand made scrunchies, headbands, face masks and winter warmers 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
Sandra Kepowska Landscape Photography Landscape photography, pictures, canvases, calendars 29 Nov to 5 Dec C
Ceri Lambert The Crafty Badgers Button and badge collages, artwork and cards 12 to 21 Nov D
Kate Lewis Kate Lewis
Jewellery Design
Contemporary silver and gold jewellery inspired by the Welsh coast 6 to 12 Dec D
Mark Lewis Mark Lewis
Mounted landscapes and wildlife photographic prints 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
 Graeme Long Mouse and Moon   Handmade bottle lights wrapped in a wide selection of images  29 Nov to  21 Dec  C
Charlotte Manser Charlotte Manser Ceramics A wide range of ceramics for the home 6 to 12 Dec A
Bryan Mapstone Llanmead Crafts Wooden fretwork in Welsh: hearts, words, wedding gifts, lovespoons and more 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
 Simon Matthews The Melted Cheese Company  Raclette cheese with new potatoes, baguettes, garlic bread and cheese nachos  12 Nov to 23 Dec C
Julia Millington Welsh Coast Pebble Craft Pebble art incorporating driftwood 12 Nov to 23 Dec E
Sally Mitchell Sockadoo Sock animals, fabric toys, gingerbread decorations and reading cushions 12 Nov to 12 Dec E
Isabelle Moore Izz it Clay? Polymer clay jewellery, trinket boxes, tea lights, coasters, incense holders 17 to 21 Nov C
Beth Morgan-Jones Ewemoo  All things animal from foot rests to bunting and much much more 12 Nov to 12 Dec E
Paul Morgan Uneek Workshop Original wooden products; bowls, vases, candle sticks, picture frames, signs and wooden hearts 12 Nov to 23 Dec B
Diane Morris Christmas Time Knitted, sewn and beaded Christmas decorations, novelties and gifts 12 to 28 Nov D
Sally-Anne Nelson Condessa Welsh
A wide selection of liqueurs, poteen and aged Celtic whiskey 14 Nov to 21 Dec A
 Filip Orzechowska  Rue de la Cocotte  Boeuf bourguignon, coq au vin, tartiflette, onion soup and mince tarts  12 to 28 Nov C
Ahmet Ozturk Ambient Lighting Mosaic lamps and tea light holders 29 Nov to 21 Dec A
Annie Pariyar Jalimali Events Hats, bags, scarves, clothing and knitwear all made by hand by their co-operative in Nepal 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
 Lesley Peate Lesley Jane Jewellery  Enamel, copper and silver jewellery 17 to 21 Nov & 6 to 12 Dec C
Alison Pentith Penty's Cakes Christmas cakes, fruit cakes, cookies and cupcakes 12 to 16 November C
Sarah Perkins Calon Lan Cakes  DIY Welsh cake kits 29 Nov to 12 Dec C
Sara Phillips Seascape Curiosities Hand painted artwork on bags, purses, scarves, lampshades and artwork 17 to 21 Nov C
Cai Priestley Cai Priestley Photograpy Photographic prints, calendars and canvasses 29 Nov to 5 Dec A
Lee Pullin Shaky McShakeface Fresh belgian wafflepops and hot chocolate 12 Nov to 21 Dec A
Tamlyn Rabey Tamlyn Ceramics Ceramic Pendants, earrings, coasters and Christmas decorations 22 Nov to 21 Dec C
Heidi Radbone Liquorice Felted soap, brooches, bags, glasses/phone cases. Framed felted dolls and ewes. 22 Nov to 23 Dec D
Kate Rawsthorne Kiki Weaves Woven wall hangings 13 to 21 Dec C
Anna Robinson Bold Dino Hand painted recycled jeans, jackets. Hand drawn prints and hand drawn embroidered t shirts 12 to 16 Nov C
 James Rogers/Clare Padfield Gray Glass   Handmade fused glass panels, curved glass, Christmas decorations and some pendants 22 Nov to 21 Dec C
Jessica Rothwell Tigerclub Prints Nursery and children's prints and cards 29 Nov to 5 Dec C
Hannah Sandford Hannah's Cupcakes, cookies, brownies, vegan bakes and old school cakes 22 Nov to 5 Dec C
Charlie Sapal Samosa & Sauce Ltd Curry sauces, chutneys, pickles, naan breads and samosas 12 Nov to 23 Dec B
Severn Cider Severn Cider Ciders, Perry, mulled cider and chilli apple jelly 12 Nov to 23 Dec C
Greg Shearman Chock Shop Mouth watering chocolate brownies smothered in hot chocolate sauce 12 Nov to 23 Dec C
Karen Shellam Hot Welshcakes by Mum and Me Delicious hot welshcakes and Welsh buttered Bara Brith 12 to 28 Nov D
Neal Shipp Celtic Country
Fruit wines and liqueurs and gift hampers.  Mulled wine by the glass - it is delicious! 12 Nov to 23 Dec B
Joanna Skubik Dough Nutterie A variety of gourmet doughnuts 12 to 16 Nov C
Tina Smith Beads on the Beach Fused glass bird pictures, cards, crocheted necklaces, polymer clay jewellery 6 to 21 Dec A
Ty Hafan Ty Hafan To bring an awareness of their charity 12 to 13 Nov, 16 to 20 Nov & 22 to 28 Nov C
Amanda Treverrow Wire Art and
Jewellery Delights
Wire and hand forged art for the home and jewellery 12 to 28 Nov E
 Rachel Trott Rachel Hannah Art   Original artwork, prints, cards 12 to 21 Nov  C
Madeleine Vale Vale Studio Ceramic pet portraits 22 to 28 Nov A
 Yanina Wall Bluebell Peak Designs   Wooden fret work, lamps, mats, coasters and jewellery using the wooden off cuts  22 Nov to 21 Dec C
Jessica Ware Sherbet Chic Luxury hand sanitisers 12 to 21 Nov D
Vivienne Wigmore Kalso-design Handmade jewellery and accessories 12 to 21 Nov D
Alex Wilde Wilde Posies Dried floral bouquets, wreaths, drive floral products 13 to 21 Dec C
Jeremy Williams Herbs on the Hill A wide range of soaps, incense, massage oils and creams 12 Nov to 23 Dec B
Joy and Adrian Wilson Coinwear Old British and foreign coins made in a variety of gifts including cuff links, pendants and earrings. 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
David and Lucy
Gift of Glass Handcrafted ornamental glassware. wall art and glass jewellery. With daily demonstrations 12 Nov to 23 Dec D
Woodland Trust Woodland Trust Charity information and membership 29 Nov to 5 Dec A
Working4Wildlife Working4Wildlife Charity information and membership 22 Nov to 23 Dec D
An Young  Castell Apothecary Candles, reed diffusers and hand made scented fire starters. A selection of bath gift sets. 17 to 12 Dec & 13 to 23 Dec C  & E
Katie Young Meltz  Wax melts, bars, carpet and cash fresheners  17 to 21 Nov C