Our Christmas event is outdoors in our own wooden stalls, 2.5m by 2.5m (8ft by 8ft) with the addition of a wooden porch and fully opening bi-fold front doors to allow additional display space.

The stalls all have a pitched roof, back and sides which can also be used for additional display purposes. Pictures/dimensions are available on request.

Stock may be left overnight, at your own risk, as security will be operating.

Detailed exhibitor information will be sent by email prior to the event covering the rules and regulations of participation. This will be followed by a further email, closer to the start date of the Christmas Market, advising of allocated setting up times, stall area, stall number and directions. Your stall position is at our discretion and if we have to make any last minute changes you will be advised when you arrive to set up.

Public Liability Insurance of £5,000,000 is mandatory in order to participate.

Agreement of Craft*folK Terms and Conditions and completion of a Fire Risk Assessment, Event Risk Assessment, Criteria and Data Protection forms are also mandatory in order to participate.

Craft*folK reserves the right to refuse any application whatsoever and Craft*folK further reserves the right to cancel any booking which may have been accepted, without any reason being given or discussions entered into.

Participation and stall allocation at our Christmas Market is at our discretion, in conjunction with Local Authorities. To ensure that this event is as diverse, fresh and unique as possible each application will be assessed on an individual basis. To also assist in achieving this aim the “first come first served” basis will no longer apply with waiting lists being operated for the more popular over-subscribed crafts. Whilst exclusivity of goods cannot be guaranteed we take great care to ensure that the number of similar crafts is limited in order to give everyone a level platform in order to achieve sales.

We look forward to your participation in 2024 and please don’t hesitate to ring us for a chat if you need any advice or have any additional queries.

Craft*folK Criteria

  1. All products must be created/made by the exhibitor/s and/or family member/s with a strong measure of artistic integrity and individuality in their work
  2. If the exhibitor has altered, adapted or assembled the products then there must be a very high ‘added value’ to the artistic content of the finished article in order to justify participation
  3. If specifically designed by, but not made by, the exhibitor then there must be a significantly high amount of collaboration between designer and fabricator in order to justify participation
    Criteria Notes:
    If you are applying to take part in a Taster Stall then Point 3 is not applicable. In order to be considered only Points 1 and/or 2 will apply. Priority will always be given to those exhibitors who make their own products as we are committed to ensuring the perpetuation of handmade work. To maintain the quality of products you may be asked to clarify these criteria. Our decision with regards to acceptance is final

If you have any queries regarding the safety of your goods Trading Standards are very helpful. Please note that they may also inspect your goods at events.


All crafts people must also certify that they are carrying adequate Public Liability Insurance of at least £5,000,000 in connection with their attendance and with the sale and usage of their goods and by application do so warrant.

Request for 2024 Event Application Forms can be downloaded here